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Une nouvelle contribution au blog qui me réjouit vraiment. Il s'agit de celle de Daniel O'Leary, hestonien de  notre groupe FB "CHARLTON HESTON", dans lequel il partage ses documents et que je souhaitais pouvoir présenter sur le blog. Je lui en ai donc fait la demande. 
Je remercie particulièrement mon ami Daniel O'Leary, qui a accepté de partager ses documents hestoniens ici. Cela me touche beaucoup et offre la possibilité aux nombreux hestoniens qui visitent le blog, de découvrir probablement de nouveaux documents dont nous n'avons pas toujours connaissance. 
Voici le message que j'avais envoyé à Daniel pour avoir l'autorisation de publier ses documents :
Bonjour Daniel, J'ai vu les lettres que vous possédez et avez publiées dans notre groupe Charlton Heston. Je me permets de vous demander l'autorisation de les publier sur mon blog que je consacre à Chuck, blog que vous connaissez probablement. Il est évident que je vous en ferai crédit sur la page de publication.
Voici sa réponse en forme d'autorisation :
Yes France, that's ok to use them and the other ones i posted previously. Send me your link. Your blog sounds amazing. I will post some more soon.

I was in Los Angeles in August. I was staying behind the famous Grauman's Chinese theatre. Had to get my photo taken at Charlton's slab.

44111027_10156137334233229_8064344033645821952_n 17 octobre 2018.jpg

 44156967_10156137334138229_4306140949773287424_n 17 octobre 2018.jpg

44138067_10156137333818229_3217601924056481792_n 17 octobre 2018.jpg

44180496_10156137334043229_3933145107657654272_n 17 octobre 2018.jpg

Another piece from my collection. A candid vintage press photo from Ben Hur. This was sent by the studio to the newspapers. Charlton and Haya Harareet seem to really get on well with each other. Never seen such admiration in any other of his candid photos. You can see in between filming, Charlton is reading various books on the Romans

44498958_10156149864448229_1319208787038437376_n 22 octobre 2018.jpg

44536654_10156149864488229_7846601325021233152_n 22 octobre 2018.jpg

Another piece of Charlton history I own. One of my favourite pieces. It's a contract for the loanout services of Charlton to his own movie company - Agamemnon Studios. From 1985, Charlton had just returned from London. I believe he had been appearing in London's west end theatre, and had to go back to continue with the Colby's. Also shown is a pic from 3 years ago from the same studios from Heather the manager and Fraser to myself.

44719360_10156159121728229_5695606747415183360_n 26 octobre 2018.jpg

44819274_10156159121508229_6617324776589361152_n 26 octobre 2018.jpg

44938146_10156159121603229_6990580210823331840_n 26 octobre 2018.jpg

44848410_10156159121788229_7196683888788242432_n 26 octobre 2018.jpg

43652017_10156159121653229_7728901233787797504_n 26 octobre 2018.jpg

A 1961 original candid newspaper photo of Charlton and Laurence Olivier.

45076666_10156167332288229_833867995007680512_n 30 octobre 2018.jpg

44992005_10156167332328229_8551223660919128064_n 30 octobre 2018.jpg

I own 3 letters from Charlton's secretary (Cora Sommer) the letters date between 1966-67. This is one of them. She talks about Chuck finishing "Will Penny" at Paramount studios. At the top of the letter in ink, she also writes about Bisley the small town where the outdoor locations for Will Penny were filmed. I also own an original vintage press photo, taken just the previous month in Bisley. It shows Charlton with his young son Fraser. Hope you enjoy them. I will post the other letters soon.

45783516_10156193949213229_2406897379165863936_n 10 novembre 2018.jpg

45788844_10156193948993229_7423889054611013632_n10 novembre 2018.jpg

45783521_10156193949453229_1936308764709748736_n 10 novembre 2018.jpg

13 novembre,

For mon amie France Darnell ...an original picture of Chuck near the Champs Ellysees Paris in October 1960. Promoting Ben Hur

46096246_10156199183638229_8746726466244313088_n - 13 nov 2018.jpg

46195127_10156199183763229_3727984093409837056_n 13 nov 2018.jpg

46479343_10156213138743229_3590588115380600832_n POUR MON BIRTHDAY 19 NOV 2018.jpg

Avenue Franklin Roosevelt à Paris 1960

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