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NICOLE MAUREY DANS "MON FILM N° 399" du 14 avril 1954


Publié le 07/09/2016

MAJ le 29/05/2017


Spécialement pour vous Cher James, j'ai trouvé cette page dans un ancien " MON FILM " que je viens d'acquérir sur EBAY.

Cet article se trouve dans un MON FILM retraçant en ciné-roman, le film "LE VOL DU SECRET DE L'ATOME" avec Lydia Clarke Heston et Gene Barry. Je crois que l'on peut dire, que c'est un document rare.







And his Franco-American memories


You know, Nicole Maurey has everything for her: youth, beauty, elegance, vivacity of spirit, kindness ... She also has happiness, since she is progressing in the profession she has chosen And that she remains the wife of him whom she loves.



 PCM - You had come to see me at the Antoine theater, "she said. I used to play Harvey

 PCM - You've been working hard since …

 NM - I played at the theater, Manouche, with Denise Gray. She is extraordinary. She was ill; She was stretched out in her dressing-room, and suddenly, as soon as she set foot on the stage, she became radiant with balance and dynamism, aroused Our own admiration and the enthusiasm of its partners!

 PCM - And after Manouche?

 NM : - Vogue the galley, at the Madeleine theater; The last Outrages, at the theater of Vieux-Colombier, with Michel Salinat.

PCM : - Movies now?

NM : - See you in Granada, with Luis Mariano; Operation "Magali"; The last Robin Wood with Roger Nicolas. That means I did not get bored! Little Lost Boy, with Bing Crosby in Hollywood for interiors. We toured outdoors in France, with Claude Dauphin, Gabrielle Dorziat, Georgette Anys, and, of course, little Christian Fourcade, in

the role that provided the title to the film. The Companions of the Night; The eye behind the scenes; The Public Enemy No. 1; If Versailles was told to me, where I play the part of Mademoiselle de Fontanges.

PCM - You start to be known in the United States, it seems to me?

NM - Indeed, the Americans called me back in October. I made an advertising tour on the occasion of the release of the film: Little boy lost. It was then that I met Charlton Heston and Yma Sumac.

PCM - All in all, are you very satisfied with the evolution of your career?

NM - Not as much as one thinks ... I would like to interpret a truly human role …

PCM - A question burns my lips. I do not long resist the desire to ask you:

Since you had them as a partner, how are, in reality, Bing Crosby and Yma Sumac?

- Bing Crosby! Exclaims Nicole Maurey. An expression of sadness passes over his features. Then she sighs: Poor Bing Crosby!



Why "poor"? I asked

NM - Bing Crosby is intimate, in everyday life, of a kindness and simplicity rare. It is sometimes said in his entourage that he is too much. He made no concessions to his star, he attended no cocktail, no presentation of his films. The worldly side weighs on him; He always escapes her ...

PCM - is this simplicity wrong?

NM - No. But he will feel more painfully the loss of his wife ... She died while we were shooting Little boy lost, where I interpret the role of his wife, who also dies …

PCM - What a coincidence! …

NM - The film had already been delayed because of the patient ... He is now alone with his four big boys.

PCM - Your job must have been very dark …

NM - We were all very embarrassed ... He felt it: then, by saying hello, he chained friendly phrases that kept us away from this painful subject, from that awful formality that is so sadly called: condolences...

PCM - And the Indian singer Yma Sumac, how do you find it?

NM - Suffocante! So extraordinary, when one sees and hears it, that one remains the breath cut off ... She is small and very thin, since has become thin ... She has the face with the pure traits of the Indians very And when this voice, unique in the world, comes out of this frail creature, one is literally stunned!


James: You will notice the gross French error: to say that Yma Sumac is Indian.

PCM - How many times have you crossed the Atlantic?

NM - six times, including one in a boat, and I can assure you that, despite everything, I prefer the plane …

PCM - Never an accident?

NM - Once, we were marked by bad luck all along the course. We had to do our trip in three stages.

PCM - I saw your photo on a major American magazine …

NM - Life? ... Yes ; How do you think the Americans took pictures to get to that one?

PCM - I don't know ... I answered very embarrassed.

NM - Say an approximate figure ...

PCM - Fifteen, twenty …

You're not there! Exclaimed Nicole Maurey with her pretty laugh, six hundred photos ... Hear well ... They took six hundred photos!

PCM - It's almost incredible …

NM - There, there is placed at the disposal of the work all that one possesses of practice, means, time; But also, we ask a lot in exchange.

PCM - We work more than in Paris?

NM - I was so tired on my last trip that, for a long time, at night, I dreamed that I was in the studios ... Mo husband could not sleep ... At eight o'clock I had to To be ready, at eight-thirty I would give a radio show while I was having breakfast, and from one o'clock in the afternoon until two in the morning I had to show up in cocktails when I was not turning …

PCM - Do not you have an anecdote for our readers?

"Piles exclaims the charming young woman;

So, I'm listening …

NM - While we were shooting The Last Robin Hood, Roger Nicolas and I had a scene in a small station in Figeac ... You know that we do not have the right to shoot a movie using the names Real?

PCM - I learn it …

NM - The director had therefore baptized the station: "Saint-Antonin"; And he had stuck the new plate on the real ... and we were turning ...

« When the micheline arrived, a traveler who had come down mechanically, knowing her route well, looked up at our team, then on the sign, and exclaimed in the most complete panic: "But what is j I made it wrong I went to Figeac! "


PCM - It must have been funny!

NM - She was gesticulating, she had packets full of arms, she shouted with a piercing voice. The poor woman, who had been traveling for twenty years! It was enough for a simple placard to be lost in this friendly landscape, which was familiar to him as a brother!


Confidence gathered by Paule Corday-Marguy.


A nice portrait of Nicole Maurey



Dedication of Nicole: For the readers of My Film with all my friendship.





Je ne peux m'empêcher de critiquer la journaliste qui a fait ce reportage sur Nicole Maurey.

Quand je pense, que Nicole venait de tourner "LE SECRET DES INCAS" avec Charlton Heston et que le titre du film n'est même pas mentionné dans cet article, et pas une ligne sur notre grand Chuck.

Je veux bien croire, que Charlton n'était pas encore au sommet de sa carrière...Il gravissait dans ce film, le Machu Picchu qui allait, que nous le voulions ou pas, le porter au sommet de la gloire quelques années après.

Dans cet article, Nicole dit seulement qu'elle a connu Charlton Heston mais par contre elle loue Yma Sumac et Bing Crosby, mais je pense que déjà, l'interview était orientée ou alors la journaliste était une parfaite idiote  !!!!

Cette journaliste, puisqu'il faut la désigner comme telle, a commis une grossière erreur en disant que Yma était indienne. Yma était Péruvienne descendante des Incas.

Quant au niveau de l'interview, je me demande ce qu'en a pensé Nicole Maurey à l'époque ... Pour moi, cette interview est sans intérêt, ce n'est qu' à titre de curiosité que je la publie.




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